"Children of Gaza,
there is no space for your kind of beautiful."

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I looked up at a party- and I was here. (at Dexter Lake)

modernrepunzel asked:
"where do they make balloons" & "bangs" & "She's an angel" & "sensurround" are my suggestions

great suggestions!  I will do’ She’s an angel’ and send it along your way!  

modernrepunzel asked:
I just listened to your cover of "Ana Ng" and I honestly like it better than the original! You rock!

My goodness gracious!  Your kindness makes my heart all a-flutter! They Might Be Giants forever!  I plan to cover more- any suggestions?


“Love your rage, not your cage.” 


always on my mind

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I’m chilin with my bitch today. 


sexy boy and amazing skate park.

like chocolate and peanut butter, baby.

space face …   the future is now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bitch Tits.  


Protests all around the world. #FreePalestine

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Are ‘wives’ electric?

Holy Lord - this is glorious! Momus covers Bowie:

But paper wraps rock….


Palestinian lady collects gas bombs fired by Israeli army. She grows flowers in these bombs.

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Beethoven’s women

Beethoven’s Bitches